An update: Except for the purchase of certain items such as gold, silver, jewelry, watches, automobiles, firearms and other small collectibles, Precision Estate Sales has curtailed our Estate Sale and Clean-out services.

We apologize for not being able to serve you at this time but have chosen to remain in the virtual space. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if we can be of any service, as described above, to you or if you should have any questions. We can be reached at

Considering an Estate Sale in MA?

Free Estate Sale Consultation

Estate Sale Company ServicesRequest a free consultation and on-site evaluation now from Precision Estate Sales (PES) in Massachusetts. Whether downsizing with a need to sell some of your home's contents, or for children faced with liquidating a parental estate, PES has the experience to help.

With PES’ help, your estate sale will be less stressful and highly profitable. Common estate sale questions include: How should you decide which items to keep and which to sell? What should one expect during each stage of the estate sale process? How does one get started and prepare for an estate sale? Which high-value items should be liquidated through the estate sale, and which should be sold through alternate channels to maximize revenue? PES will answer all questions and streamline this seemingly daunting process to make your life easier.

Beyond our experience with estate sales, PES has solid relationships with Boston-area auction houses, with extensive experience selling merchandise through eBay and other online merchants. We know the best sales channels to funnel your collectibles, and we reap the most money at the end of the day.

Contact us to assess your estate.

Estate Buy-out Services

PES gladly offers an exclusive buy-out service.

If, like many of our clients, you are downsizing but choose to keep valued possessions, or give items away to beloved family with the remaining lot not qualifying for a full estate sale - or if you do not want 300+ people in your home, or would prefer not to have your items on consignment, a PES representative will come at your convenience to review your items for sale. We then provide a competitive offer to either buy out your entire estate, or a portion thereof.

Contact us to set an appointment.

Estate Clean-out Services

Please do not discard anything before consulting with us! The old saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is never more true than in the Estate Sales industry!

With that said, there are times when ridding a home of unnecessary "stuff" and "hoarded clutter" will actually enhance the atmosphere and make room for a more successful estate sale. Also, after the sale, there may be unwanted merchandise left behind to be discarded, or to be taken to charity, in which case PES will get you an itemized receipt for the IRS. Our clean-out services leave your property in broom-clean condition.

Contact us to price your clean-out.

Smaller Estate Liquidations

Are your items too few for a full-blown estate sale? Don't want 300+ people in your home before your closing? Are you feeling pressured to deal with removing the contents of your home prior to a rapidly approaching closing date?

Precision Estate Sales is here to help! PES will:

  • Buy-out or consign a portion or the entire contents of your home or estate based on your preference.
  • Perform a thorough clean-out of your home, leaving it in broom-clean condition prior to your property closing.
  • Manage all aspects of your liquidation, freeing your time and minimizing your concerns and stress.

Contact us for a free assessment to determine the best means to liquidate your items and to leave your property clean and ready for your closing.

Estate Sale Planning and Execution

PES handles all phases of the estate sale from the initial free consultation to the final post-sale clean up. We provide full reporting on the sale down to the selling price of each and every item. We clean, organize and rearrange items for optimal sales, and attractively display all items from furniture and rugs to glassware, china, linens, kitchen utensils and outdoor furnishings.

Accurate pricing of estate sales items.

In addition to cash and checks, we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express to increase your sales.

Our services include:

  • Digital cataloguing of every item over $100 in value to facilitate the sale and tracking of merchandise.
  • Pricing all items, using our own in-house research staff to appraise items appropriately. We professionally photograph items for pricing purposes, and for use in advertising and promotional picture previews of your sale items. We take extreme care when setting up photos of your higher-priced items.
  • Estate Sale Promotions. We know how to get the word out about your estate sale in the Boston area.
  • At our expense, we advertise your estate sales in both the Boston Globe and local newspapers.
  • We promote your sale, along with preview items, in a number of high-traffic, specifically targeted online sites.
  • We contact buyers in your area by emailing and texting alerts of merchandise at your sale in which they have an expressed interest.
  • We offer PES Web site visitors "preferred status" as an incentive to attend your sale.
  • We put up professional, printed directional signage in the area of the estate and install professional signs outside and inside the property.
  • We notify our network of dealers interested in particular items.
  • We stage sale items smartly throughout the estate. We supply additional draped tables and secure display cases that offer security and avoid burying items amidst a clutter of offerings. We staff the sale with exactly the right number of friendly, well-trained employees to handle all floors and areas, and to provide the security necessary for peace of mind.
  • PES handles unsold merchandise, trash disposal and cleanup at the end of the sale. We help you identify a charity for donated items, if required, and provide an itemized list of items and their value for tax purposes.
  • Transparent reporting. The PES Web site's Client Corner offers a password-protected area to access a range of information concerning the sale. This exclusive area displays the listing price of all items prior to the sale in order for us to discuss possible adjustments and confirm item pricing. After the sale, information on the gross and net profit is available along with the day the item sold, and an itemized expense list incurred by Precision Estate Sales for the sale itself. No other company provides you with this degree of information and openness.
  • Finally, we write you a check. We ask for no money up front and pay our own expenses until payment for services rendered. We make you happy. It's our charter.

Please contact us to assess your estate.

Complete FFL Services

We often work with spouses and families whose loved ones owned firearms. We understand that the disposition of these firearms can be stressful and potentially fraught with legal quagmires. Precision Estate Sales (PES) maintains a Federal Firearms License (FFL) that enables us to legally purchase, transport, consign and re-sell firearms. Whether it's an old, unwanted shotgun or a valuable assembly of collector pistols, PES is here to help!

Automobile Brokering

PES has had great success in selling our customer's cars on their behalf. As many of our customers are relocating or no longer need multiple automobiles, we have both included the sale of their car(s) as part of their estate sale as well as brokered their cars on their behalf independently of any estate sale, consignment or clean-out service and in some cases have bought their automobiles from our clients directly.

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