An update: Except for the purchase of certain items such as gold, silver, jewelry, watches, automobiles, firearms and other small collectibles, Precision Estate Sales has curtailed our Estate Sale and Clean-out services.

We apologize for not being able to serve you at this time but have chosen to remain in the virtual space. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if we can be of any service, as described above, to you or if you should have any questions. We can be reached at

Precision Estate Sales - Full Service Estate Sales in MA

Precision Estate Sales conducts estate sales in the Greater Boston area inside and around Rte. 495, and covers the North Shore, South Shore and Metro West of Boston. We pride ourselves in the use of the latest automation and digital technology to efficiently provide estate liquidation, financial transparency for clients, and the maximization of your return.

An estate sales company that relates to your situation.

Full Service Estate Sales in MA

Whether downsizing, or in the situation of children handling the liquidation of a parental estate, PES has the experience to help. Our origins are rooted in personal experience. We have witnessed firsthand the stress and friction of our own families selling a "widow's estate" and of "empty-nester relatives" downsizing their homes, and have ourselves questioned which items to dispose of in the past.

We understand. We relate and sympathize with your situation, and can caution you about what to expect and how to prepare for your estate sale. We can help you make those hard choices between what to keep for sentimentality and nostalgia, and what to sell and donate to charities. To maximize the return on your estate or moving sale, PES will help you decide which high-priced items to liquidate through alternate sales channels.

We are Massachusetts estate sales professionals.

Precision Estate Sales staff

Precision Estate Sales is a full-service estate sales company. We have the experience to properly stage and staff your estate sale with the right number of trained professionals.

In order to maximize the return on your estate sale, we help you decide what high-priced items to liquidate through alternate channels. To avoid conflicts of interest, we - as a matter of strict PES policy - will never offer to buy your merchandise without first having an independent appraisal.

We fully disclose and document pricing to our clients both before and after the sale. PES also works with you to identify any remaining items for post-sale disposal and donations.

Please contact us us to assess your estate and determine the best means to liquidate your items.

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