An update: Except for the purchase of certain items such as gold, silver, jewelry, watches, automobiles, firearms and other small collectibles, Precision Estate Sales has curtailed our Estate Sale and Clean-out services.

We apologize for not being able to serve you at this time but have chosen to remain in the virtual space. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if we can be of any service, as described above, to you or if you should have any questions. We can be reached at

Considering an Estate Sale in MA?

Why consider Precision Estate Sales (PES):

1. We provide the most advanced, efficient and streamlined solution in the estate sale industry.

Unlike most estate sale agents, Precision Estate Sales (PES) uses a sophisticated inventory management system that catalogues each sale item and provides buyers with alerts on items of interest. This same system provides the seller with financial transparency, including detailed reporting on items sold, along with a wealth of other relevant data.

Prior to the estate sale, PES provides our clients with access to a password-protected section of our website: The Client Corner. This allows the client to review all inventoried items with pictures, descriptions and the assigned sale price for each item. No other company provides this level of service or operational transparency.

Professionally run estate sales in Massachusetts: At your sale, our well-trained staff adheres to the strict PES Code of Conduct. We also clearly identify ourselves to buyers with black Khakis and red shirts marked "STAFF" and the PES logo. In the interests of utmost professionalism, our staff communicates by walkie talkie to minimize noise intrusion where, for example, shouting down three flights of stairs is unacceptable.

2. We are insured and employ safeguards against theft.

It's easy to say "we're honest" but much harder to prove. The PES estate sale process includes established checklists to guard against theft, fraud, and the erroneous appraisal of sale items - a major issue at estate sales. We treat your estate with the utmost respect and ensure that our buyers do the same.

In the unlikely event that an item should break or go missing, PES is fully insured for both your protection and ours.

3. We price accurately.

The biggest potential loss of revenue that occurs during an estate sale is not from theft or customers switching price tags, but rather from inaccurate appraisal and pricing. This is a frequent occurrence.

Most estate sale agents, in an effort to minimize costs, appraise the majority of the upcoming estate sale items themselves. Occasionally, for higher priced or niche market items, an agent will "phone a friend" who has more appraisal "experience" or greater familiarity with the item in question.

These pricing methods have obvious limitations and can leave thousands of dollars on the table. At Precision Estate Sales, in addition to relying on our own expertise and outside professional appraisers, we employ a team of seasoned researchers who scour all available factual and historic data to determine the value of each item.

For most estate sale agents, employing multiple sources to substantiate the value of items would prove too time-consuming and cost prohibitive. However, PES feels strongly that our added investment into the accurate valuation of estate sale items benefits both our customers and ourselves. It is not in our best interests to have an item show up for sale on eBay for five to ten times its selling value a few days later, and our clients rest easily knowing that this will not happen.

4. We maximize your sales revenue.

In order for your estate sale to yield the biggest return, PES helps identify items that will likely command a higher price outside of the estate sale. We select alternate sales channels, including consignment sales, auctions, eBay, Amazon and Precision's own eCommerce site, and we protect the client's interest by offering the item to the strongest marketplace.

5. We deliver unparalleled promotion.

No company works harder to promote your estate sale. We employ the default strategies of promoting the sale at major clearinghouses, advertising in local papers, emailing prospective clients and roadside signage, but this is just a part of our total promotions strategy. While we will not share our trade secrets here, we happily discuss the depth of our knowledge in this area, using both traditional and digital advertising channels, with our clients. Ultimately, PES clients are very happy with the quality, depth and effectiveness of our promotions.

Professional Signage for an Estate Sale in MA

6. We provide complete online access to estate sale information at every step of the way.

PES clients can view the complete inventory listing of their estate sale at any time. Clients can check how items are priced, and - post sale - see and print a detailed summary that includes the gross and net proceeds, our itemized costs, the original listing price of each item, the actual sale price, the day it sold, and the sales channel through which it was sold (on-site, consignment, eBay, etc.).

7. Finally, you will like us.

We love what we do. We bring our happy demeanor to work and both PES clients and estate sale customers notice. We understand your situation and your needs, and we deliver an exceptional estate sale experience. PES is an organization that you can trust in, and lean on. This point is important: We respect your privacy, but we need to be in your home to deliver our exceptional service so we should enjoy our time together.

Please contact us to assess your estate and provide a free consult.

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